Faberge egg with clock and stand


Inside quartz clock with Fabergé writing in the dial.

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Fabergé egg with clock and stand.


A bit of history:
The Fabergé Eggs were a creation of jewelry designed at the court of the Tsar of all Russia by Peter Carl Fabergé. Fabergé and his goldsmiths designed and built the first egg in 1885. The egg was commissioned by Tsar Alexander III of Russia as an Easter surprise for his wife Maria Feodorovna. The Tsarina was so pleased with this gift that Fabergé was named “court jeweler” by Alexander, and was commissioned to give an Easter gift every year from then on, with the proviso that each egg must be unique and must contain a surprise.
Unique eggs still today, which you can find at Gioielleria De Vitis.

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