It was August 5, 1933 when the first stone of Sabaudia was laid.

The new city was inaugurated after a few months, on April 15, 1934 . The competition for the foundation urban plan was won by the group of the architect and urban planner Piccinato with the architects Cancellotti, Montuori and Scalpelli who transformed it into one of the greatest expressions of Italian rationalism in architecture.

Solitary | Gioielleria De Vitis

It was a few months after the inauguration of Sabaudia that the De Vitis family opened their business in the heart of the Foundation city, right in the center of Piazza del Popolo, now Piazza del Comune.

De Vitis, an artist watchmaker who was called “the artist of gold” for his great skills as an engraver, who first arrived in Sabaudia, from Palena (Chieti), in 1933, already the son of an ancient tradition familiar of goldsmiths.

He opened his first business in San Donato as a watch repairer, before moving to Sabaudia in a shop near the Church and, finally, in Piazza del Comune.

Vito Antonio De Vitis

Called “the gold artist”, he first arrived in Sabaudia in 1933

Osvaldo De Vitis with his wife Maria

Kindness and professionalism handed down for generations | photo August 1966

Osvaldo De Vitis with his daughter Elda

In 1993 it was Osvaldo’s daughter, Elda, who took over the reins of the jewelry store, continuing the family business along the lines traced by her father and grandfather.

Elda De Vitis

Since 1993 Elda has been at the helm of the De Vitis Jewelery, after having collected the precious inheritance of her father and grandfather

Ingresso Gioielleria De Vitis in Piazza del Comune a Sabaudia

A historic activity, one of the oldest in the Pontine city, characterized over the years by passion and competence.

A prestigious family tradition that over time has made it possible to satisfy generations of customers who have found in the De Vitis Jewelery an essential point of reference for watchmaking and the most selected jewels.

Piazza del Comune, Sabaudia

Torre Civica

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